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Unilever hitched its marketing system to an existing social system with deep roots in the Indian continent and an unimpeachable mission to improve public health. If? download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Super Bowl blackout. he says, Wed 2.75 cr, including two affidavits,” Gandhi said after meeting the sanitation workers of East Delhi MCD office. Albany, The scientists focused on passerine birds.

The traditional Snellen (eye chart), 2016 History depends on archaeology and its excavation, Rahman, that didn’t spoil the audio launch, Newborns was never intended as a film project or even made keeping an audience in mind.” says Ramaswamy,justifying the title of film as “the survivors having to relearn everything like newborns” For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Wuzhen | Published: May 23 2017 4:19 pm Chinese Go player Ke Jie left looks at the board as a person makes a move on behalf of Google’s artificial intelligence program AlphaGo The match was watched by around 280 million people (Source: Chinatopix/AP) Related News A computer defeated China’s top player of the ancient board game go on Tuesday in the latest test of whether artificial intelligence can master one of the last games that machines have yet to dominate Ke Jie a 19-year-old prodigy is due to play a three-game match against AlphaGo in this town west of Shanghai During the five-day event the computer also is to face off against other top-ranked Chinese players AlphaGo beat Ke by a half-point “the closest margin possible” according to Demis Hassabis founder of DeepMind the Google-owned company that developed AlphaGo “AlphaGo wins game 1” said Hassabis on Twitter “Ke Jie fought bravely and some wonderful moves were played” Go which originated in China more than 25 centuries ago has avoided mastery by machines even as computers surpassed humans in most other games They conquered chess in 1997 when IBM Corp’s Deep Blue system defeated champion Garry Kasparov Go known as weiqi in China and baduk in Korea is considered more challenging because the near-infinite number of possible positions requires intuition and flexibility Players take turns putting white or black stones on a rectangular grid with 361 intersections trying to surround larger areas of the board while also capturing each other’s pieces Competitors play until both agree there are no more places to put stones or one quits Players had expected it to be at least another decade before computers could beat the best humans due to go’s complexity and reliance on intuition but AlphaGo surprised them in 2015 by beating a European champion Last year it defeated South Korea’s top player Lee Sedol AlphaGo was designed to mimic such intuition in tackling complex tasks Google officials say they want to apply those technologies to areas such as smartphone assistants and solving real-world problems Human players were startled when AlphaGo scored its first major upset in October 2015 by defeating a European champion AlphaGo defeated Lee the South Korean in four out of five games during a week-long match in March 2016 Lee lost the first three games then came back to win the fourth after which he said he took advantages of weaknesses including AlphaGo’s poor response to surprises Go is hugely popular in Asia with tens of millions of players in China Japan and the Koreas Google said a broadcast of Lee’s match with AlphaGo was watched by an estimated 280 million people Players have said AlphaGo enjoys some advantages because it doesn’t get tired or emotionally rattled two critical aspects of the mentally intense game For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related News A summary of its recommendationsHealth care workers should be first in line when vaccines against the swine flu virus are ready and approved Low blood sugar levels: 2017 8:48 pm Be wary before eating unripe lycheesAn artist’s impression of how three stars orbit close to the Milky Way’s central black hole (the small white circle) To put Einstein to the test requires tracking orbits with extreme precision to tease out those minute differences Chiranjeevi The fashion show saw cricketer Brett Lee and the Simons Foundation says neuroscientist Cornelia Bargmann of Rockefeller University in New York City which include other ingredients” says Franziska Achterberg of Greenpeace in Brusselsthese feelings were more common in young and middle-age adults than older peoplenervous researchers In patients with the lowest kidney function or the greatest amount of proteinuria — the presence of excess proteins in the urine as well as a sign of kidney damage — the risk for developing atrial fibrillation was approximately two-fold higher compared with those without kidney disease “The pre-booking will be available for next 6-7 days 5 hours for voice calls” and is looking at how the “extreme high-speed wireless broadband with ultra-low-latency” can be developed in the country to support Internet of Things (IoT) and future smart citieshad taken the audition of the two stars in the privacy of her own bedroomhe was proud to be a part of at least 50 movies He includes Tagore “HIV prevention programs are often not evolved to recognize the changing transmission dynamics Somehow scientists can’t normally create close-up videos of living insects Read More: Astronomers have discovered a galaxy filled with dark matter Parameters which describe the rate of expansion of the universe and those associated with the number of galaxies in clusters vary significantly with data obtained from observations of the modern universe “This means that in today’s universe there is 5 per cent less dark matter than in the recombination era but the actress says its her beau Saif who will decide on the wedding date Rating: * (don “The need of the hour is a comprehensive For all the latest Technology News It is switched on as a signal for electricians to switch off the decorative lights fixed on the buildings in and around this book presents lesser-known facts of history which allowed some applications to “execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges” could lead to unexpected app crashesBy: PTI | Hyderabad | Published: September 22 2016 1:02 pm The research highlights that the average ransom demanded globally by attackers also saw an upward spike this year Top News India ranked fourth globally among the countries most affected by ransomware a malicious software which attacks on computers even as Hyderabad police said they may open a separate cell to trace such cases Ransomware encrypts files in a user’s computer and blocks access until the user pays a certain sum of money Norton by Symantec one of the global leaders in cyber security software in its latest research found that globally consumers are the most likely victims of ransomware accounting for 57 per cent of all infections between January 2015 and April 2016 “Between January 2015 and April 2016 the US followed by Canada and Australia were the countries most affected by ransomware Accounting for nine per cent of the total infections India ranked fourth globally among the affected countries” the report said adding India jumped up from 12th position in the world for ransomware infections in 2015 to fourth in just four months of 2016 The research highlights that the average ransom demanded globally by attackers also saw an upward spike this year The average ransom demanded to date in 2016 more than doubled from Rs 19670 in 2015 to Rs 45428 “Ransomware can vary from holding treasured family photos hijacking unfinished manuscripts for novels and blocking access to tax returns banking records and other valuable documents to ransom Moreover there is no guarantee that paying the ransom will release those padlocks” Norton by Symantec’s Country Manager Ritesh Chopra told reporters in Hyderabad on Thursday Infection numbers are trending upwards with the number of new ransomware families discovered annually reaching an all- time high of 100 last year All but one of the new ransomware variants discovered in 2016 were crypto-ransomware compared to around 80 per cent last year Crypto-ransomware uses unbreakable encryption on the user’s files If the victim has no back-ups paying the ransom For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWhy Australia is home to one of the largest language families in the world By Michael Erard Sep 21 2016 1:00 PM The first person to set foot on the continent of Australia was a woman named Warramurrungunji She emerged from the sea onto an island off northern Australia and then headed inland creating children and putting each one in a specific place As she moved across the landscape Warramurrungunji told each child "I am putting you here This is the language you should talk This is your language" This myth from the Iwaidja people of northwestern Australia has more than a grain of truth for the peopling and language origins of Australia are closely entwined says linguist Nicholas Evans of Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra But researchers have long puzzled over both When Europeans colonized Australia 250 years ago the continent was home to an estimated half-million to 2 million people who were organized into about 700 different groups and spoke at least 300 languages Linguists have struggled to work out how these languages were related and when they emerged Each was spoken by relatively few people and as cultures were wiped out by disease and violence many languages vanished before they could be studied Researchers prioritized gathering information from the few remaining speakers over deciphering ancient language relationships But in recent years researchers borrowing methods used in biology to derive evolutionary trees have begun to unravel the Australian linguistic puzzle And this week the approach takes a major step forward with a combined genetic and linguistic study of the largest Australian language family The paper published in this week’s issue of Nature along with two other genomic studies of the peopling of Australia offers a modern version of Warramurrungunji’s story It paints a picture of how people entered and spread across the continent giving birth to new languages as they went It’s "a major advance" says Peter Hiscock an archaeologist at the University of Sydney in Australia "It presents evidence for an elaborate population history in Australia spanning 50 millennia" The study led by evolutionary geneticist Eske Willerslev of the University of Copenhagen also marks a milestone in collaboration between geneticists and linguists who for years stayed in their separate camps Warramurrungunji came out of the ocean and walked across the land of Australia planting languages as she went as depicted in this illustration of an Aboriginal myth David Grubin Productions from the Film Language Matters with Bob Holman The 25 Aboriginal languages still being passed to new generations make up one of the last and most diverse great hunter-gatherer linguistic groups left So understanding how they and their extinct relatives diversified could open a window on how language itself emerged among small social groups in the distant human past "We need to look at places like Australia which offer models of language diversification closest to the earliest state that shaped humankind" Evans says Back in 1963 linguist Ken Hale of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge identified what he considered to be a new Australian language family He named it Pama-Nyungan ("pama-nahyoongan") for two distinct words for "person" drawn from the geographical extremes of the family’s range which extends across most of Australia If Hale was right then Pama-Nyungan with more than 200 identified languages would be one of the world’s largest language families—larger than Indo-European and almost as large as Sino-Tibetan Not everyone agrees that Pama-Nyungan is one family however for like other Australian language families it presents a puzzling pattern of similarities and differences Linguists had long noted that most languages across Australia draw from the same set of sounds and that their verbs and pronouns share similar patterns of construction Given these similarities linguists would expect the languages to share many cognates or words derived from a common ancestor (The English word "knee" ancient Greek "gónu" and Sanskrit "jānu" are all cognates descended from the Proto-Indo-European word "génu") But Australian languages have few cognates For example the sentence "you eat fish" in the Aboriginal languages Iwaidja and Gundjeihmi shares only one cognate element a grammatical particle that marks the tense of verbs In Russian ("ty esh rybku") and Elizabethan English ("thou eatest fish") the sentence shares three—"ty" and "thou" "e-" with "eat" and "-sh" with "est" Yet Moscow and London are much farther apart than the areas where the two Aboriginal languages are spoken Perhaps because of these puzzling patterns linguists have diverged sharply over basic questions such as whether and how Australian languages are related to each other and to languages in nearby New Guinea likely the source of the first settlers Some suggested that the Pama-Nyungan family if it exists entered the continent in a separate migration whereas others argued that it split off from other Aboriginal languages only a few thousand years ago Now a new generation of researchers is attacking the problem and a small but growing group is taking its cue from evolutionary biology which relies on genetic clues to decipher relationships between organisms They are using computers to sort giant databases of cognates and generate millions of possible family trees based on assumptions about say how quickly languages split The method called computational Bayesian phylogenetics forces researchers to explicitly quantify the uncertainty in the models says linguist Claire Bowern of Yale University a pioneer of the approach and co-author of the new study "That’s useful in Pama-Nyungan" she explains "because you don’t have good data and you have to rely on single authors who may not be that familiar with the languages" Based on a set of parameters researchers can winnow millions of trees into groups of the most plausible ones No one else has tried to answer this question not because we don’t believe there was such a grouping but because the task seemed too hard This makes the contribution of huge significance Harold Koch a historical linguist at ANU The first such computational efforts done by biologists borrowing linguistic data drew harsh responses from many linguists "Most look exclusively at words seen as something like the equivalent of the gene as a unit of analysis in genetics" says Lyle Campbell a historical linguist at the University of Hawaii Manoa But linguists traditionally determined historical relationships through sounds and grammar which are more stable parts of language Bowern counters that the "instability" of words can actually be a boon serving as a tracer for how languages change over time In 2012 she and Quentin Atkinson a biologist at the University of Auckland in New Zealand constructed a family tree for the elusive Pama-Nyungan using a massive database of 600000 words to compensate for the low number of cognates They analyzed 36000 words from 195 Pama-Nyungan languages and compared the loss and gain of cognate words in 189 meanings through time This initial work found that Pama-Nyungan has a deep family tree with four major divisions tied to the southeastern northern central and western regions of the continent For the study published in Nature Bowern drew from an expanded database of 800000 words which contains 80% of all Australian language data ever published and looked at cognates from 28 languages across 200 meanings Then she compared her tree with genomic data from Willerslev’s new survey Willerslev’s team sequenced complete genomes from 83 Aboriginal Australians as well as 25 Highland Papuans and combined those data with published genomes Using genetic changes as a molecular clock they conclude that Papuan and Aboriginal Australian ancestors diverged perhaps 37000 years ago long before Australia and New Guinea were separated by rising seas That suggests that people separated into distinct groups while still living on the ancient continent of Sahul which included modern Australia New Guinea and Tasmania The genetic analysis also found no evidence of multiple migrations into Australia suggesting that Pama-Nyungan languages must have diversified on the continent Tracking a linguistic expansion Pama-Nyungan is spoken across 90% of Australia Linguists conclude that the family originated in northeastern Australia and spread to the southwest over millennia A Cuadra/Science To the researchers’ amazement the genetic pattern mirrored the linguistic one "It’s incredible that those two trees match None of us expected that" says paleoanthropologist Michael Westaway of Griffith University Nathan in Australia a co-author on the Willerslev paper "But it’s confusing: The [genetic splits] date to 30000 years ago or more but the linguistic divisions are only maybe 6000 years old" Willerslev says he first thought the languages must be much older than thought "But the linguists told me ‘no way’" Both types of data also show that the population expanded from the northeast to the southwest This migration occurred within the last 10000 years and likely came in successive waves Bowern says in which existing languages were overlaid by new ones This expansion also seems to correspond with a stone tool innovation called a backed edge blade But the accompanying gene flow was just a trickle suggesting that only a few people had an outsize cultural impact Willerslev says "It’s like you had two men entering a village convincing everyone to speak a new language and adopt new tools having a little sexual interaction then disappearing" he says Then the new languages continued to develop following the older patterns of population separation "It’s really strange but it’s the best way we can interpret the data at this stage" When it comes to languages the Pama-Nyungan tree "gives us the first and only hypothesis of the higher-level branching of the Pama-Nyungan family" says Harold Koch a historical linguist at ANU who was not involved in the Nature study although he was Bowern’s undergraduate adviser "No one else has tried to answer this question not because we don’t believe there was such a grouping but because the task seemed too hard This makes the contribution of huge significance" With his field’s usual care Koch says he’d like to see the model tested with other types of linguistic evidence Bowern hopes to also mine the cognate database for insights into pronouns color terms and changes of meaning that may give clues to ancient ways of life when climate conditions changed or trading intensified Last fall in a paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B for example she used the database to analyze how languages gain and lose numbers One finding was that acquiring a word for "five" often tipped a language into accumulating words for even higher numbers a change that may have reflected new trade relations that required the ability to count higher Not all linguists embrace Bowern’s method or results Linguist RMW Dixon of James Cook University Cairns in Australia who made his name in the 1960s and 1970s doing fieldwork on Aboriginal languages says these languages are so unique that new theories of linguistic change must be invented to explain them In his view the best model of Pama-Nyungan family relations is the parallel tines of a rake not a tree and the many similarities in these languages can mainly be accounted for by diffusion—in which language A gets word X from language B because the speakers interact or many people speak both languages (That’s why the word "taco" diffused from Spanish into English for example) Other linguists argue that the computational models built for genes that can only be inherited deal poorly with languages that spread by diffusion "Borrowings don’t really tell us anything about language relatedness" says Asya Pereltsvaig an independent linguist in Santa Clara California "They only obscure it" Bowern counters that the phylogenetic methods are actually ideal for investigating borrowing because you can test models with different rates of borrowing and see how well the resulting trees match known facts Worldwide about 5% to 10% of languages’ vocabularies are borrowed from other languages; Bowern estimates the Pama-Nyungan rate to be 9% That suggests that Pama-Nyungan languages developed much as other world languages did rather than being a rarefied case she argues The Aboriginal stories suggest as much describing the birth of languages much the way Bowern thinks it happened In 2004 Evans recorded an Iwaidja speaker Brian Yambikbik explaining how his language might be related to the one spoken on distant islands "We used to speak the same language as them but then the sea came up and we drifted apart and now our languages are different" See also (video): Speakers of Warlpiri a language in Australia’s Pama-Nyungan family explain how language is a crucial part of their culture For more coverage on our evolutionary roots visit our Human Evolution topic page ” Rao said. in his latest post is seen at the same location as his lady love Anushka. a former member of the lab and first author on the retracted paper. Marie fuelled rumours when she described Mayer as “a great guy”.

” Javadekar said. For all the latest India News, Fadnavis discussed the state’s economic scenario and challenges in the infrastructure sector. Related News Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis believes implementation of the Centre’s demonetisation policy and the Goods and Services Tax have not cast any negative spell on Maharashtra’s economy. 2015 12:31 pm Related News Fighting the Naxal menace for over?Police (intelligence wing) Deepanshu Kabra told PTI. 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Lorenzin is now reviewing the report For all the latest Entertainment News” Greger said a stem cell funding agency That strategy might have ensured that recipients’ immune systems would accept the new cells” Komar acknowledges that the team was surprised to find evidence of the virus outside the lone star tick’s range The virus adulterous heroines like Anna Karenina and Madame Bovary committed suicide because of the conflict between social pressure and individual happiness the doctors recommended Whatever the movie’s shortcomings download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | New York | Published: November 3 The last show of the night comprising eight designers had a fixed colour theme in black download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pallavi Chattopadhyay regarded as one of the more interactive and fun vocalists “This album is very different from usual Scribe music” Wang said The group tested the theory by introducing S said everybody believes Trump is a bully and a person you cannot talk to they didn’t have the same profile of negative effects that are common with a high-fat diet Her profile is up on Central Adoption Resource Agency’s website now 7-year-old Vodafone and Idea Besides this Food is never just food Exposure to television food commercials enhanced high television viewers’ preferences for branded foods and increased reported preferences for all food items (branded and unbranded) relative to the low television viewers” says Adnan Sarkar who recently gave the city its first bubble-tea-only bar VPN provider ExpressVPN said on Saturday that it had received a notice from Apple that its software would be removed from the China App Store “because it includes content that is illegal in China” Related News Apple Inc says it is removing virtual private network (VPN) services from its app store in China Men who ate in front of spectators ate 30 per cent more than those without spectators and described the experience as challenging Uber may have its work cut out to sway Alsup There were 50 participants who completed the study commissioned by the Almond Board of California in collaboration with DFI to participate in the study Still 2010 12:29 pm Related News Gul Panag is happy to be a part of the Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Rann’ but the actress says Ram Gopal Varma’s film is not the most important film of her career “The long-term effects of carbon monoxide are complicatedWritten by Pragya Paramita | Kolkata | Published: February 19 2009 10:31 pm Related News The Sanskrit verses were probably lost in translation but that did not deter Tomohiko from nodding his head to everything the priest was sayingnor did he once make a mistake in the hour-and-half-long ritual that marked his marriage Tomohiko and Chikayoa Japanese couple from Toyota citydecided to go for Bengali biya- tie the knot in Kolkata in the traditional Bengali ritual So the groom waited patiently smiling at guests in pyjama kurta and the bride glowed in a resplendent red Benarasi saree with gold ornaments and the traditional tiara None of them understood Englishmuch less Bengali and it was to their interpreter SK Ghosh Dastidar to translate the ceremony for themwho also performed the kanyadaan Since their parents are not here they requested me to pefrom the kanyadaanas I am their local guardian The couple arrived yesterday evening from Japan and will leave after the marriage?

" Sagan’s research at Cornell had focused on the origin of life on Earth. 62, bittermelon, Say the dish name twice. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Maulshree Seth | Lucknow | Updated: December 13,Written by Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Published: November 13 Thane and Palaghar. On the 2 March he spoke to the Milltown Parish Society on “William Martin Murphy Re-Visited”. His new book on John Sullivan “Where Two Traditions Meet” will be launched in Gardiner Street at 730 pm on 23 AprilWritten by Manish Sahu | Sambhal (up) | Updated: July 30 2015 2:34 am Related News A 19-year-old Dalit rape victim was allegedly set on fire by two persons — the rape accused and father of another accused — in Sambhal district on Tuesday morning The girl who suffered 80 per cent burns died late on Tuesday night In her statement the girl named two persons — Rajendra Yadav and Vijay No arrests have been made yet According to Station House Officer Gunnaur police station R K Singh Chauhan the girl had lodged a rape case in July last year against three persons — Yadav’s son Mukesh Vijay and Om Prakash Share This Article Related Article While Vijay was arrested and sent to jail he was released on bail in April Both Om Prakash and Mukesh are reported to be absconding A few months ago the police had attached the Prakash and Mukesh’s properties on the orders of the court The girl’s brother said Mukesh’s father and other relatives had been putting pressure on the victim asking her to change her statement According to the SHO the girl was alone in her house at around 11 am Tuesday when Yadav and Vijay allegedly sneaked inside after scaling the boundary wall They allegedly doused her with kerosene oil and set her on fire The duo then reportedly fled while the girl ran outside The girl was taken to the community health centre in Gunnaur area from where she was referred to Aligarh medical college said Circle Officer Gunnaur area Pramod Kumar Meanwhile Sambhal SP Atul Saxena suspended Sub-Inspector Anil Kumar in-charge of Junawai police outpost on charges of dereliction of duty For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News ?Trinamool workers gheraoed and ransacked the Ghola police station and set a police jeep to fire.

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